Alpha 9.5 Released

A huge amount of new content is added, like Cyclic Dungeon Generation (although still in progress). This release reflects 1.5 half year of development. Mostly I have creating content for HD version of the game during this period,  but now I have reached a point when both versions can progress at once. I will try to maintain a more or less normal pace and release a new version every 1-1.5 month.  

  • NEW: Ranged trigger, Slide away; if enemy comes adjacent to player, it can slide 2-4 squares away
  • NEW: Ranged trigger, Hit the road; after player is hit, it can jump 2 squares away
  • NEW: Triggers are affected by player speed. Hasted player will have double time to react to trigger, slowed player half.
  • NEW: Player Arcana: Web
  • NEW: Player Arcana: Haste
  • NEW: Player Arcana: Frostbolt
  • NEW: Critical Miss for all paths added
  • NEW: Player Ranged Shot: Sure Hand
  • NEW: Player Ranged Shot: Vampiric arrow
  • NEW: Player Ranged Shot: Elemental shot
  • NEW: Player Ranged Shot: Eagle shot
  • NEW: 9 new levels of Volley
  • NEW: Player Melee Tactic: Bleed
  • NEW: Player Melee Tactic: Multi Strike
  • NEW: Player's memory about surrounding is carried to levels. Descending to new level, player will remember dunegon layout, and moving back to previous level will show level state as it was before he went to new level.
  •  NEW: Changing levels will consume time
  • NEW: Selecting some powers like heal will not deselect current power
  • NEW: Login is handled as email/password pair
  • NEW: GDPR Terms of Service
  • NEW: Added caves, cave walls, cave

Contour bombing cave generation algorithm


To generate procedural caves and caverns, there are not so many algorithms out there that a programmer can use in his wide array of tools. Most developers use a cellular automata to generate complete cavelike levels, which is relatively nice algorithm that outputs decent layouts. The second method is the random walk method, a fairly simple algorithm that is very quick to implement, although the output does not look nearly as good as output from CA. We will touch two different types random walk types here. Let me say few word on both of the algorithms first, before we move onto Contour Bombing Cave Generation Algorithm�specifically developed for Dungeons of Everchange.

Cellular automata

What is Cellular Automata? Simply, cellular automata is mathematical model, where grid is randomly filled with cells, then based on predefined rules, cells fight with each other, dying or mutating to neighbor cells.  A complete separate article could be written about cellular automata, there are much more details at the RogueBasin.
For a visual display of the algorithm itself here is a small presentation:

RANDOM walk algorithm
Second o

Pogress Sharing 4

For version Alpha 10

It's been a month since the last post. We worked hard on HD version (and less on ASCII version).

Most of the time went into finishing a game UI for a DoE HD. Inventory, equipment, resistances and skills has been finalized. Animations of enemies are improved, and message window is colored properly. Numerous bugs were fixed, ans speed of the game was doubled.

Here are player skills, and colored window which is located at the bottom of the screen:


Here is inventory showing quantities of items and key shortcuts:


And one more enemy got finished: a Floating Eye. Here is how it looks:


Progress Sharing 3

for version Alpha 10

Finally, I have started and implemented into DoE a procedural geometry!

SO What is procedural geometry?
Until now game was only randomized floor during generation and with small randomization  on certain elements. That was until one week ago. Now, walls are also randomized, their geometry randomized, and generated before each level. Since game is 3D, 3D objects are used for walls, and all those walls are created by game algorithm. For now the geometry is only simply randomized, but I have some few nasty ideas how that will be even more nice feature. As I am aware of, there is no single game that generates 3D geometry of dungeon on the fly.

There were some broken experiments also, while I was implementing a 3DPG (3D procedural geometry, let me be the father of the name ^ _ ^ ). 

Like this one:


Even failed experiments like this, brought a nice touch to walls, and those failed experiments will be introduced as features to the game.

You can head to media section on this site to check results of 3DPG. Algorithm also applies different texture on all walls.

On a first try, even if it worked, a geometry generation took 12-13sec, which was really unacceptable. Waiting between each level just to generate 3D geometry is a sure way for uninstalling the game. After few iteration of optimization, generation of wal

Changelog Alpha 9a

Alpha 9a is released, there were few bugs around in Alpha9, nothing serious, all were fixed. Some of the changes are introduced just to fix make gameplay more comfortable

Here are the changes:

  • NEW: Added description text of races, life and side path at character creation screen
  • NEW: Distinguished Combat from Defensive paths at character creation screen
  • NEW: Display text that signature weapon is still work in progress
  • NEW: Look command on creatures will show their description
  • NEW: Added TAB for selecting next options
  • NEW: Activated look command now can be closed also by pressing ESC.
  • CHANGE: throwables can be equipped in quiver
  • CHANGE: throwables are usable with Volley and any other ranged attack
  • CHANGE: Darts are automatically equipped in quiver slot at beginning of the game
  • CHANGE: Grille's have slightly different glyph not to be confused with archs
  • 'EFFect' pane's text changed to 'Effect'. Toggling keybind changed to 'f
  • Dropping items no longer closes inventory
  • Scroll of identify will be recognized for what it is upon reading it.
  • If two handed weapon is equipped, now off hand text is not visible in inventory
  • TYPO: Character Creation screen: "Press enter to change" text changed to "Press Enter to start the game"
  • TYPO: Changed "Comming soon" to "Coming soon".
  • BUGFIX: Fixed issue with keyboard and SHIFT. Pressing Shift 2, shown 2@ at once
  • BUGFIX: Changed the stairs glyph, < is upstairs, > is downstairs
  • BUGFIX: Fixed overlapping text at bottom of help screen
  • BUGFIX: Prevented movement of player while help screen is visible